Lusi Kot*PL, Siberian Cats cattery, Siberian Cats
Siberian Cats Lusi Kot*PL cattery welcome you!


  Welcome at our website dedicated to my cats. Our cattery are registered in Cat Club Sopot under the auspices of FPL (Polska Federacja Felinologiczna). Name of our cattery Lusi Kot*PL are registered in FIFE (Federation Internationale Feline ).



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Lusi Kot*PL, Siberian Cats cattery, Siberian Cats


Lusi Kot*PL, Siberian Cats cattery, Siberian Cats
News in Siberian Cats Lusi Kot*PL cattery.


19-20 October 2019

  Inernational Cat Show in Rumia - MUZA Syberyjska Amba*PL got Ex1, CAC and she completed the CHAMPION title. Judge: Dorota Szadurska (PL).


03-04 August 2019

  Inernational Cat Show - CH ISTRA of Ratush was 2x Ex1, 2x CACIB. Judge: Kristof Van Roy (BE) & Britta Busse (DE).


29-30 June 2019

  Muza Syberyjska Amba in Saturday was Ex1, CAC. Judge Steven l. Jones (NO). In Saturday was  Ex1, CAC, NOM. Judge Vladimir Isakov (BY).


20 October 2018

  ISTRA OF RATUSH at show in RUMIA gained Ex1, CAC, NOM. Judge: Kateryna Ovanesian (UA).


16 December 2017

  Kittens was born . The parents are IC GRANAT Auric*RU and SKAZKA Siberian Dream*PL. More info in KITTENS section.


23 December 2015

  The first kittens of our SKAZKA Siberian Dream*PL was born. The father is GRANAT AURIC*RU. If you are interested feel free to visit KITTENS section.


07-08 November 2015

  At International Cat Show in Poznań GRANAT Auric*RU gained Ex1, CAGCIB, BIV, NOM BIS in Saturday and Ex1, CAGCIB in Sunday.


23 August 2015
  Next kittens in our cattery was born. The parents are ISTRA of Ratush and GRANAT Auric*RU. If you are interested feel free to visit KITTENS section.


04 July 2015
  At International Cat Show in Koszalin our GRANAT Auric*RU gianed Ex1, CAGCIB, BIV, NOM BIS. SKAZKA Siberian Dream*PL gained Ex1, NOM BIS.


13-14 September 2014
  At International Cat Show in Lubeck (Germany) GRANAT Auric*RU gained  Ex1, CACIB and she ended INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION! On the second day he gained Ex1, CAGCIB and NOM BIS.

05-06 July 2014
  At International Cat Show in Puck CH AMALIA gained 2x Ex1, 2x CAP and 2x NOM BIS! WIKTULA Climberiada*PL gained 2x Ex1 and 2x CAC and she ended CHAMPION title!

25 May 2011
  WIKTULA Climberiada*PL at International Cat Show in Starogard Gdański gained Ex1, CAC. GRANAT Auric*RU gained 2x Ex1 and 2x CACIB.

10 November 2012
  At International Cat Show in Gorzów Wielkopolski GRANAT Auric*RU ended CHAMPION title!

21, 22 May 2011
  Granat at International Cat Show in Starogard Gdanski gained 2x Ex1, 2x CAC.

18 August 2010
  Arrived by plane to us beautiful tomcat GRANAT Auric*RU.

08 August 2010
  It’s debut of our website at the Internet!



Lusi Kot*PL, Siberian Cats cattery, Siberian Cats
All about Siberian Cats.


  Siberian Cats are one of natural semi long haired cats with rather big temperament and broad characteristics. Their inner composure reflects their self-confidence and willpower. In spite of their strong character they easily get along with another animals. They love children and to play around, they are plausible and develops a strong bond with their owners. Almost all of them loves to be cuddled while lying on their backs in the most refined positions, using their body language, hiding their head, blinking, jumping at their feet and attacking our legs, wriggling under our elbow and chin with their furry heads. Siberian Cat character is very attractive for people. They are lovable, tender, perfect at sensing changes in our mood. If we are busy the cat won’t disturb us. But if you are in good mood the cat will come and demand to be cuddled. Their fur is not problematic, it will be enough if you just brush it with thick comb once a week. They are very clean animals and easily adjusts to rules in their home. They are usually quite cats, which means they don’t meow so much as other cats do. Their meow only when trying to get our attention or calling us. They are very curious. They just must check what are you doing, visit every one corner of the house and touch everything with their paws. It’s a breed with beautiful semi long fur, thick and fluffy with many variants in color. Their trade mark is downy “slacks” at hind legs, abundant flange at chest and fluffy tail as squirrel’s. They are cats with strong, muscular legs with characteristic tufts between toes. They have tufts also on the ears. According to American allergologists they are less allergic that other breeds. One must love them to gain their affection and trust to the end of their life.


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